Online and Remote English Writing and Research Services

I offer a range of English services.  This includes research, content writing, editing (- which I call panelbeating), writing tutoring and supporting foreign learners of English.

Syndicated research for articles and reports

Provide a brief and/or topic and I will research and draft the report to your requirements.  These projects are costed on a case-by-case basis.  Ownership of the copyright is determined at time of contracting.

Asynchronous online English writing tutoring

Send your draft emails, reports, essays and assignments to Fiona and, modeling good writing, she will

      • identify spelling and punctuation errors
      • identify grammar and syntax errors
      • suggest strategies for improving writing style and expression
      • as appropriate, advise regarding format, layout and referencing conventions

Perfect ideas need perfect wordsEnglish Writing Services

You’ve come up with the idea, developed the systems and it’s all come together:  a super service for your clients.

Everything, except the website content is done.

I will take your ideas and craft them into content that

    • conveys the message to clients and stakeholders
    • perfectly populates your website
    • updates clients and stakeholders through your newsletter or blog

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Business writing tutoring

Writing tutoring for business English includes what is listed above as well as:

      • email etiquette
      • business jargon
      • the approprate stucture and tone for reports, white papers and proposals

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Terms and Conditions


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